Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Between The Pages - The Santa Next Door

The Santa Next Door
By Stephanie Cage
August 2013 

Sue Edmonds swore off men after her feckless husband left her struggling to care for their four-year-old daughter Trudi and maintain their ramshackle Victorian home. But her mysterious neighbor might tempt her to change her mind.  

Bryn Thomas once found peace and happiness in music but that was before his heart was broken. Now it stirs up painful memories and provides little comfort. That is until he finds himself sharing Christmas carols with his young neighbor and her beautiful mother.  

As Sue sees Bryn playing Santa, she is touched to discover his gentler side. Can she hope for a Christmas miracle and the fulfillment of Trudi's Christmas wish for a dad? 

Between The Pages 
A captivating Christmas story that’s short but well-paced. Charming characters and a touching story line. A perfect read for the holiday season.

4 Stars

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