Friday, August 7, 2015

Slightly Noble

Slightly Noble 
By Lilly Gayle
February 2015

American privateer, Captain Jack isn't really an American, but heir to a viscountcy. When his father dies, he leaves everything not entailed with the estate to his worthless cousin. Jack's only hope of inheriting his mother's ancestral home and honoring her dying wish is to marry and produce an heir before his thirty-fifth birthday—in five months. And he doesn't have a single prospect. 

Pregnant and unwed, Abigail Halsey is sent by her father to an Anglican convent until he can find a family to adopt his grandchild or a husband for his daughter. Abby has other plans, but they go awry when she goes into labor early and her rescuer, a pirate captain turned lord, insists on marrying her. 

Is Jack too much like his jealous, unforgiving father? Can Abby overcome her fear of men and have a real marriage? Or will she never be anything more than the unwanted wife of a Slightly Noble Viscount?

Between The Pages 
I’m not a big reader of historical romances, but very happy I gave this book a chance. The author captured my attention in the first chapter. Captain Jack is the perfect hero. The plot is a perfect blend of action, suspense, and romance. The read is smooth and the storyline has twists and turns that will have you anxious to turn the next page. The addition of a third point of view late in the story created a slight distraction, but held details significant to the storyline. I will definitely check out more books by this author.

4.5 Stars

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