Monday, August 10, 2015

Mine Tonight

Mine Tonight
By Lisa Marie Perry
March 2015

The night that changed everything… 

After being dumped by her fiancé and losing her shot at TV stardom, Bindi Paxton just wants to get out of town. But there's no escaping the past—not even on the beautiful Seychelles Islands. And when her attraction to former Las Vegas Slayers heir Santino Franco culminates in a night of sizzling passion, she has to fight her feelings for a man who could hurt her deeper than any other has before. 

Santino came to the islands to find the man responsible for the injury that ended his pro-football career. Ending up in bed with Bindi is a mistake they both regret. Except he now needs her help to find his fugitive father. And—heaven help him—he's starting to fall for the stunning Sin City reporter. He can't change their history…but he'd give anything for one more night, and maybe forever, in her arms.

Between The Pages 
The story line focuses mainly on the connection of the main characters, Bindi and Santino, with added scenes in the point of view of Santino’s father. The plot is interesting, but craved for more suspense into the disappearance of the Santino’s fugitive father, which seemed to wrap up too quickly. I haven’t read the previous books in the series, so maybe I missed some background information. While I wanted a bit more from the plot, the author did a great job of creating engaging main characters with deep emotion, making the reader root for their happy-ever-after.

3 Stars

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