Friday, November 13, 2015

Six Geese For Monica

Six Geese for Monica
By Brenda Gayle
November 2014

Seven years ago Monica Stevens left her home town with no intention of returning. Her inability to conceive a child not only devastated her fifteen-year marriage, it made her doubt her appeal as a woman. When her mother has to undergo surgery, she reluctantly agrees to come back and run the Mother Goose Daycare. 

Luke Donovan is struggling to balance his career with his duties as a single father to six adopted children. The death of his wife has thrown the adoption of their two youngest sons into limbo. He is further stymied by a dogmatic social worker who questions whether a single parent can adequately care for so many children. 

Initially brought together by the children, Monica and Luke quickly surrender to their growing passion. But when she learns about the threatened adoption, Monica wonders if Luke's interest in her is only as a mother to his children. Is history about to repeat itself, or will a Christmas miracle finally give Monica the family she's always dreamed of having? 

Between The Pages 
Twelve Brides of Christmas Book 6. A Christmas romance you won’t put down until the end. The story line is emotional and enjoyable. You’ll root for Monica and Luke to get their happy-ever-after. Even George the goose finds loves. A short story with a Christmas/wintry setting, perfect for reading by a warm fire. 

4 Stars

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Brenda Gayle said...

Thank you for the lovely review. This book was a true joy to write.