Friday, March 18, 2016

A Fine Year For Love

A Fine Year For Love 
Catherine Lanigan
January 2015

Her grandfather told her never to trust a Barzonni.

Nothing gives Liz Crenshaw more delight than walking the hills of her family’s winery and tending her precious vines. And nothing frustrates her more than Gabe Barzonni, the handsome, successful and utterly aggravating son of Indian Lake’s most prominent farmers. All her instincts scream “avoid”, especially when she finds out he’s going into the wine business himself. But Liz can’t seem to shake him. One minute, he’s nosing around her property, the next he’s arranging to escort her to her best friend’s wedding. Well, too bad. Whatever he has designs on—her or her land—Gabe is out of luck. Now to get him out of her mind… 

Between The Pages 
This is book three from the Shores of Indian Lake series. The chemistry between Liz and Gabe is evident from their first scene together. The scenery and story line were superbly crafted. The secondary characters were enjoyable and the plot twists gave the story an added edge. Placed in the setting of the small town of Indian Lake, the story is filled with emotion and plenty of wine. I’ve read Katia’s Promise (book four), and I looking forward reading Fear of Falling, which I believe is book five.

4.5 Stars

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GiniRifkin said...

Congratulations on your great review. The cover makes me long for summer even more, and your excerpt makes me so darn curious to see what happens to these two.