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ICYMI - Between The Pages ~ Live with Jennifer Snow (PT2)

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Between The Pages ~ Live with Jennifer Snow 
March 15, 2017 on our Facebook Page
(Part Two) 

To read part one of the interview, go here:

Maybe This Kiss is the prequel to your Colorado Ice series. Where did the inspiration for this series come from, and where will it take the reader?
Jennifer Snow I grew up in St. John’s, NL and my dad and I watched hockey together all the time, so writing a hockey-inspired series was something I’d always wanted to do. The inspiration for three hockey playing brothers actually comes from a family I know in B.C. The oldest and youngest brother play professionally, while the middle brother didn’t quite make it-that was my inspiration for Jackson in MAYBE THIS TIME. MAYBE THIS LOVE is the next book releasing in May and it is the older brother, Ben’s story and MAYBE THIS CHRISTMAS releases in Sept with Asher’s story. There is more hockey moments in Ben’s story and Asher’s HEA is set at Christmas time so it has added magic.
Still Moments Magazine Jennifer Snow How different is living in NL than AB?
Still Moments Magazine Jennifer Snow I can't wait for Ben's story. He seems like the 'player' bachelor.
Jennifer Snow They are both freezing lol:) NL is smaller and even the city feels like a small town. AB is bigger, flatter...but there's more opportunity and jobs here.
Jennifer Snow Ben definitely is! I love his story though :)
Still Moments Magazine Jennifer Snow I can't wait to read about the heroine that catches Ben's eye :)

Jennifer, I’ve had the pleasure of reading both books and I was not disappointed. To quote a line from my review of Maybe This Time – ‘The story was enjoyable from the first page and to the end. The small town setting and the hockey theme captivated my interest right away.’ Your characters in this series are so compelling with interesting and quirky personalities. How do you create a town of characters to make each one unique? 
Jennifer Snow I look at the people around me-friends, family and strangers and everyone is different and unique, with traits I can incorporate into different characters. I also use my psychology degree to realistically examine how characters of different backgrounds, upbringing might react to different situations. I’ve read a lot of books on personalities and character development lol.
Still Moments Magazine You have a real knack for grabbing the readers' attention with your characters. They are all unique in their own way.
Still Moments Magazine Jennifer Snow I also enjoy the small towns you have created for us to get lost in! :)
Jennifer Snow :) thank you!!

Jennifer, in your previous books the heat level ranged from sweet to spicy, but your Colorado Ice series has a lot of steam. Do you find it difficult to write sexy scenes?
Jennifer Snow Not difficult, just a struggle sometimes with placement within the story. I need to have my characters at least halfway to love before they fall into bed, so therefore most of my books have the sexy scenes later in the book than most contemporary romances. I like to develop connections first. The exception to this is MAYBE THIS CHRISTMAS, where the first sexy scene starts on page 11 ;) It fit the story and characters so I went with it.
Still Moments Magazine Jennifer Snow There are so many books where the characters jump into bed soon after meeting. I like that you want them to make a connection first. This is definitely more believable.
Nikki Lynn Barrett I love it that way best. I love when the characters have a good connection.
Jennifer Snow Yes :)

As soon as I saw this series had a hockey theme, I knew I’d have to read them. I am an avid hockey fan, but I know we are rivals when it comes to our favourite teams, which are also big rivals. You live in Alberta, who has the Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames, so I have to ask you, why the Toronto Maple Leafs?
Jennifer Snow In St. John’s, NL, we had the ‘Baby Leafs’, the Toronto Maple Leafs farm team, so I grew up going to their games, so naturally I loved Toronto
Still Moments Magazine Jennifer Snow Toronto is doing good this season. I hope they make the playoffs :)
Jennifer Snow Still Moments Magazine Me too:) There is a first time for everything, right? ;)
Still Moments Magazine Jennifer Snow Jennifer Snow The Canadian teams didn't do very well last year, so the more we have in the playoffs this time, the better chances for that Stanley cup, lol
Jennifer Snow :) Yes!

Jennifer, what can we look forward to with your next writing project?
Jennifer Snow I currently have three very different series out on submission, so it will depend on which one (s) go to contract. I have one set in the Bahamas, one in Aspen and one in Hollywood-all very different plots and characters. I’m also writing a women’s fiction book that has romantic elements, but the main focus is on female friendships and the value they add to our lives.
Still Moments Magazine Jennifer Snow wow, that's a lot of projects! I can't wait to hear which one we'll see first. I also like that you're dipping into a women's fiction book. Those type of stories are quite compelling with a good story line, emotion, and a bit of romance.
Nikki Lynn Barrett Ugh, I want them all!! lol
Jennifer Snow Still Moments Magazine It's definitely a new challenge for me but I'm excited about it:)
Rachael Martin Did you ever pick a title for the series set in Aspen?
Jennifer Snow Yes! Aspen Adrenaline:)
Rachael Martin Oh I love it!!! Great choice!
Jennifer Snow Rachael Martin :) thanks!! I decided on this one because it won't just be search and rescue stories, but also stories about the people who operate an adventure tourism company there:)
Rachael Martin Well that's just too perfect!
Jennifer Snow Rachael Martin now i just need to sell the series lol
Rachael Martin Lol I have faith in you!

Jennifer, this question wasn't part of the interview, but I have to know...will you take us back to Brookhollow?
Jennifer Snow Ahhhhh....the age old question
Still Moments Magazine Jennifer Snow You must! I love that town and the characters.
Jennifer Snow Me too:) And I loved writing for Heartwarming so hopefully it will work out:)
Jennifer Snow LOL, just kidding. Maybe. I did have a few story ideas that I may pitch to HW in the future. There has definitely been conversations about it.
Nikki Lynn Barrett I love visiting Brookhollow!
Jennifer Snow You certainly did! You still have a claim on Luke;)
Nikki Lynn Barrett ;)
Kate James I'd love for her to take us back, too! :)
Bree Herron Agreed!

Jennifer, I’m sorry to say that our interview has come to an end. Thank you so much, for taking the time to chat with us today! I can’t wait to check out your next book, Maybe This Love, and to have you stop by to chat about it or your new title, Her Holiday Fling. Please let us know where visitors can go to learn more about your books. 
Jennifer Snow My website is my online home, so stop by anytime! I just posted a new trailer there for HER HOLIDAY FLING:)
Still Moments Magazine I just started reading Her Holiday Fling. I will definitely check out the trailer.
Jennifer Snow Still Moments Magazine it's a fun one!
Rachael Martin Thank you, Jennifer!!
Jennifer Snow xo thanks for stopping by!! :)
Rachael Martin Thanks for answering so many questions! I loved learning more about you!
Jennifer Snow So much fun:)
Bree Herron If you haven't read any of Jennifer Snow's books you need to!! Jennifer Snow xo

If anyone has anything to add or a question on something we've discussed...or additional questions you have for Jennifer, please join in the conversation.

Jennifer Snow Ask me anything! 
Nikki Lynn Barrett Which of your heroines do you relate to the most, and why?
Jennifer Snow ohhhh...tough one. Immediately, Melody Myers from The Mistletoe Melody comes to mind as she was a struggling single mom...and actually her story took me forever to get the courage to write lol. I also relate to Abby in Maybe This Time as she is going through a divorce and custody...But I think I'm most like Hayley from Her Holiday Fling lol-probably not the best option of all of my heroines, but her internal voice is definitely 'me'. lol 
Elisabeth Ringvard What are you working on currently - do you work on more than one book at a time? 
Jennifer Snow I definitely work on more than one at a time lol. Right now, I'm writing 4 different stories-3 contemporary romances and 1 women's fiction. :) 
Bree Herron Jennifer where is your next book being set? 
Jennifer Snow I have three different series started-one in Aspen, one in the Bahamas and one in Hollywood:) 

On March 16, through a random draw of comments during the live chat, two names were chosen for the giveaways from Jennifer Snow and Still Moments Magazine. The winners were... 

Bree Herron won a copy of an Amazon gift card from Jennifer! 
Elisabeth Ringvard won a flower key chain from Still Moments!

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