Monday, March 20, 2017

Let It Be Christmas

Let It Be Christmas
Hebby Roman
September 2016

After losing both her parents, Lindsay MacKillian has been living with her Aunt Minerva in Boston, learning to be a lady. When her unscrupulous fiancĂ© gets her in the family way and absconds, she escapes home to Langtry, Texas to hide her shame. 

Bart Houghton, a professional gambler, wants to quit his old profession and become a rancher, giving the MacKillian’s ranch a much needed infusion of capital. But he didn’t count on marrying Chad’s sister as part of the deal. And to make matters worse, Lindsay doesn’t approve of his former profession and believes he is unworthy as a husband. 

Lindsay and Bart, despite their differences and having a marriage in name only, can’t help but being attracted to each other. As their attraction matures, they have to face the obstacles of their pasts. Can Lindsay put aside her preconceived notions about Bart? Is Bart ready to settle down and give Lindsay the family she wants? 

Between The Pages 
A well-written story and interesting characters. The setting was beautiful, and the plot held a small twist of action. Lindsay seemed a little hard on Bart, but he handled her strong personality. This Christmas themed story can be read any time of year. The author places you into the wild-west with a short and enjoyable read.
4 Stars

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GiniRifkin said...

What a great scenario for a story, sounds very heartwarming. adorable cover too