Monday, September 25, 2017

Wanted: The Perfect Mom

Wanted: The Perfect Mom
T.R. McClure
June 2016

His daughter deserves the best. 

Police chief John "Mac" McAndrews is on a mission to find the perfect mother for his daughter. Someone who will stay home, welcome his child after school and bake cookies. Obviously, Holly Hoffman is not that woman. She's still as feisty, independent and headstrong as she'd been when they were teenagers. And she's just spent every last dime opening the Wildflower coffee bar. Mac would never ask her to give up her brand-new business. Still, he can't help dropping by the shop whenever he gets the chance, fanning old flames he should be dousing instead. 

Between The Pages
A sweet romance filled with friction, family, and fun. What a nice introduction to Bear Meadows. The town welcomes you with open arms. Both main characters, Mac and Holly, are enjoyable, as are the secondary characters of family members and town residents. The story has an emotional kick, but two particular scenes stood out as my favourites…when Holly and her father have a heart-to-heart will bring a tear to your eye, and when Mac is getting an eye-opener from Holly’s brother, Chris, will make you smile. There’s an added mystery of break-ins to add to the mix. Even if you’re not a coffee lover, this story will have you craving a frothy skinny latte.

4.5 Stars

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