Monday, January 22, 2018

A Mistletoe Christmas

A Mistletoe Christmas
Hebby Roman
October 2016

Ginny Brown is a poor seamstress’ daughter who worships the ground Chad MacKillian walks on... from afar. For as long as she can remember, she’s been in love with the prominent rancher. Befriended by Chad’s sister, Ginny overcomes her shyness when Chad finally notices her. Unknown to Ginny or his sister, Chad is already engaged to the neighboring rancher’s daughter, but their engagement is a business arrangement. The more time Chad spends with Ginny, the more he questions his future plans. Torn between honoring his engagement and his growing feelings for Ginny, he avoids making a decision. 

When Chad’s fiancée catches him kissing Ginny beneath the mistletoe, she breaks their engagement. Chad is relieved to be free, but Ginny is humiliated and has had enough of his inconstancy. Faced with losing Ginny and fighting off outlaws bent on revenge, Chad begs Ginny to marry him. But can Chad convince Ginny he really loves her and is eager for her to be his wife? 

Between The Pages 
This book is the third in the West Texas Christmas Trilogy and stands well on its own. The western setting is perfect with bar brawls, gun fire, and fashion. There’s a wonderful friendship between Ginny and Lindsay which is endearing, but it doesn’t overshadow the romance between Ginny and Chad, as well as Lindsay and Bart. A smooth plot and interesting characters makes this wild west story an enjoyable read.

4 Stars

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