Thursday, May 24, 2018

An Allegheny Homecoming

An Allegheny Homecoming
T.R. McClure
May 2017

What happens when you do go home again? 

One mistake cost Josh Hunter almost everything. Burning his bridges was easier than coming home. Yet here he is, eight years—and one family crisis—later, back in his Pennsylvania town playing unlikely rescuer to a blizzard-stranded stranger. 

Local newscaster Wendy Valentine is looking for the story that will make her name as a serious journalist. The tragic secret Josh is concealing could be her stepping-stone. Funny then that Wendy seems more interested in the sizzling personal dynamics playing out between them! 

Between The Pages
This sweet romance is packed with emotion. Family struggles and a captivating cast make this story a page-turner. The character development is well done for both Josh and Wendy. Their chemistry and relationship is tested as they deal with their own inner torments. Josh’s secret is spellbinding, and the only scene I felt went missing from this story is Josh’s revealing talk with Hank, which would have been an additional emotional grab. An Allegheny Homecoming is the second book in Home to Bear Meadows series. I will definitely be looking to read book three, Deal of a Lifetime.

4 Stars

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GiniRifkin said...

sounds like a good story to chill with when the temps are hot. Such a sweet cover