Monday, July 9, 2018

Open Book - Baker's Dozen

Today we are opening the book pages of Baker’s Dozen by author, Amey Zeigler. Amey is sharing the inside scoop on her mild heated, romance suspense, published in December 2107 by The Wild Rose Press.

Amey created the title from Andy Miller, who inherited an alias from her dad when he was the investigative journalist, Andrew Baker, who wrote a monthly column ratting out crime in St. Louis and called it Baker’s Dozen.

The inspiration for Baker’s Dozen came from Amey and husband sitting around thinking of funny scenes and characters. “I was like, wouldn’t it be funny if there was an investigative journalist who dressed up to conceal her identity while she solved crime,” Amey said. “I studied theatre for ten years and love to dress up. We wrote the beginning scene with her in the middle of one of her investigations with her, in disguise, and her creepy “mark” at dinner together. It is still the beginning of the book today, however it’s changed quite a bit.”

The theme in Baker’s Dozen is honesty. “My heroine, Andy Miller, lies all the time in her investigations to discover the truth,” Amey explained. “The book explores these questions: When is it okay to lie? Is it okay to lie to protect yourself and others? When does the lie do harm?”

Baker’s Dozen takes place in St. Louis, a small city but with high crime rate. “When I think of St. Louis, I think shady tree-lined streets,” Amey said. “Houses in the city are old, gingerbread-looking hundred year-old brick houses. The hot summer rain produces green grass, flower gardens, tall trees, weeds and vines without much work. And it’s humid because it’s by the biggest river in North America, the Mississippi.”

Amey lived in St. Louis for seven years and loved it. “There are so many free things to do there,” she said. “Their Botanical Gardens is unmatched as it thrives in all three growing seasons, their zoo is amazing and free. The St. Louis Art Museum is where I saw my first Monet and sculpture by Degas, also free. Forest Park is among the largest city parks in the US, there is a lot of history from the 1904 Olympics and the World’s Fair Expo which were both held there and shaped St. Louis’ history.”

In Baker’s Dozen you’ll meet Andy Miller who is a 23-year-old investigative journalist who rats out small time crime in St. Louis. She has a black belt in karate and carries a red weekender tote full of handy things she can use in a scrape. She’s resourceful, dauntless and creative.

You’ll also meet Hugh Donaldson who is an undercover agent and master of martial arts. He’s funny and won’t let Andy get away with her hypocrisy. When he’s assigned to a case that involves Andy, sparks fly! He finds Andy attractive because she is gutsy, and won’t quit, and sometimes better at investigation that he is.

“When Andy’s brother is murdered by the mob, she must find out why and who is responsible,” Amey added. “Hugh volunteered for this assignment to search for the murderer of a family friend. They both are seeking to put an end to Imperium, a mob that is controlling the city and killing their loved ones.”

You’ll also meet a lot of friends who help out along the way. Andy’s best friend Carla Vehemia is a resource for her. Carla is wealthy and curious about the underbelly of St. Louis.

And a possible villain? “Michael Tyrone calls a lot of hits in Imperium and even does a few himself with his knife collection,” Amey said. “He’s rich, commanding, and is a gourmet cook. Check out my website for the Villains Cookbook under the Extras tab.”

Baker’s Dozen is a fun read. “I wanted a story that will delight and entertain. It’s also a mystery,” Amey explained. “You will wonder who did it until the end. And lastly, you’re not going to feel tainted when you are done. The intimacy is steamy enough to be entertaining but not so much that you will feel uncomfortable. And most of the deaths happen off screen. No gore, no sex scenes.”

While reading Baker’s Dozen, Amey want her readers to laugh, have a good time, and be surprised and delighted with the story journey she takes you on. “I want them to leave the world behind them for a minute and just imagine, what if…”

Amey has in the works a second Baker’s Dozen book that will take readers further into the lives of both of the characters, uncover more answers to their history, but also ask more questions as well.

You can find more about Amey and her books here:

Let’s get a closer look at Baker’s Dozen.
Verify first then trust. 

Twenty-three year-old investigative journalist, Andy Miller is armed with her many disguises and creativity to take down the riff-raff of Saint Louis. When her stepbrother is murdered by the mob, Andy soon discovers she’s out of her depth. 

Enter Hugh Donaldson who has reasons of his own for discovering the murderer. He’ll use everything in his power to achieve that, including lying to Andy about his past. Dangerous as he is attractive, his martial arts skills and his quirky ways raise Andy’s suspicions. 

Although Andy balks at his lies, Hugh’s charms, twenty-inch biceps, and electrifying blue eyes are difficult to resist. Striking out on their own, Hugh and Andy try to outwit each other as they traverse North America tracking down people connected to the case. 

As clues disappear and the body count climbs, Andy and Hugh must trust each other and use their combined skills to bring the murderer to justice.


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