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Open Book - The Actor

Today we are opening the book pages of The Actor by author, Savannah Addison. Savannah is sharing the inside scoop on her spicy, new adult, contemporary, western romance where between the pages you’ll get lost in a world of Hollywood, actors, bad boys, good girls, redemption, and love.

The Actor was published in April 21, 2017 by The Wild Rose Press’ Yellow Rose Line, where the title is simple. “I wanted to get to the heart of the matter,” Savannah explained. “I wanted the title to make it clear who the story was about.”

Savannah’s inspiration for the story came from movies. “I am a consumer of stories, and movies are one type of story I love,” she said. “Movies are populated by actors, and I liked the idea of exploring the life of a successful young actor who has experienced difficulty transitioning into his adult status, but who remains good at heart. The Actor uses the bad boy/good girl trope to explore redemption and what it means to come back from significant life mistakes. It is also about discovering yourself in a whole new way as the result of being in a foreign environment.”

The story takes place on a farm in Idaho, owned and operated by Haven Morrow and her family. “The setting is very rural,” Savannah said. “The farm is a working farm that houses animals and crops alike. There is a particularly beautiful small body of water that plays a role in the story as well. The farm is explored in its beauty during the day and at night, and as for buildings, there are several – a main house, bunkhouse, barn, and converted outbuilding are featured in the story.”

If you are looking for an an idyllic setting, then The Actor checks off that list. “The farm is remote in terms of modern conveniences,” Savannah said. “But no other setting could contain more access to life. Nature is at the forefront. It is both a backdrop and its own sort of character.”

In The Actor you’ll meet the hero, Colton Grey, a 20-something child star who has encountered difficulty growing up in the public eye. “With a history of bad behaviour behind him – drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity – he is an unlikely hero, but he has a heart bigger than the landscape in which he comes to reside.”

You’ll also meet the heroine, Haven Morrow, a young girl who is only just reaching the age of majority, but who is wise beyond her years. “She shoulders the burden of running the family farm and taking care of her ill mother in the absence of any help from her freeloading brother. She is strong and vulnerable, caring and warm. Haven is as central to the farm on which she lives as the farm is central to who she is and how she is able to love.”

Both are trying to find their place. “Colton is trying to start his life over,” Savannah explained. “Due to his bad boy ways, rehabilitation facilities will no longer accept him. His time on his publicist’s cousin’s farm is his last chance to make good and be the person those who care about him know he can be. And Haven is trying to find herself in this life of service she has been handed. Her dad is long gone. Her brother wanders in and out of her life at will. Giving herself to love is not at the top of her priority list. Then, again, love is at the heart of all she does.”

In The Actor you’ll also find Moira Easton, Colton Grey’s publicist and the only person who refuses to put up with his shenanigans. “She cares enough about him to try to get him sober one more time – by dumping him at her cousin’s doorstep, a place far, far away from the LA scene which had him swimming in alcohol, women, and whatever other cocktails were offered him. But Moira is no-nonsense. She warns Colton that if he even thinks about pursuing her cousin, he is a dead man.”

Then there’s Levi Morrow, Haven’s brother who goes by the nickname Rusty. “He is a failed actor without much try in him. He wanders from place to place, freeloading as best he can. When he learns that one of Hollywood’s biggest stars is drying out on the family farm, he seizes an opportunity to get what he’s always wanted – an easy life. Rusty speaks with honeyed lips, but always has his own agenda. And due to his blood connection with Haven, it is hard for her to see his true nature.”

Add in Mrs. Morrow, who is only ever referred to as Haven’s mom. “She has come to be a burden in Haven’s life. She loves her mom, dutifully, but isn’t equipped to provide the reclusive woman with the help she needs.”

“The Hollywood machine is the unspoken villain. It has chewed Colton up and spit him out. It also threatens to steal away the pieces of happiness he has managed to stumble upon during his journey to sobriety.”

Savannah explained the three key elements to The Actor are love has redemptive powers, everyone must make adaptations in order to live their best lives, and there is no such thing as a lost cause. “I want readers to take away from my book whatever stands out to them. For some, it will be time immersed in the setting. For others, hours spent with the characters. For still others, it’s the abstract notions, the truths of life inherent within that are most important.”

Savannah also added that The Actor is not part of a series, but the type of characters found within – entertainment industry veterans and those who support their dreams – will surely crop up in new and exciting ways in at least a few of her forthcoming works.

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Let’s get a closer look at The Actor. 
Small-town girl. Big-time star. Fireworks? Or crash and burn? 

Colton Grey is Hollywood’s resident bad boy. A connoisseur of alcohol, pills, and women, he has been sent by his publicist to dry out on her cousin’s farm. What he finds there is more than a chance at redemption. 

Haven Morrow is everything Colton is not—responsible, down-to-earth, and saddled with problems she didn’t create. With a mentally ill mother and sociopathic brother, Haven spends her days trying to save the family farm. 

What starts out as a last-ditch effort to create the perfect comeback for Hollywood’s golden boy turns into a chance at redemption for two people unaccustomed to love and its mysteries. Do they have the courage to become who they are meant to be?

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