Friday, November 2, 2018

Open Book - Rescued by the Firefighter

Today we are opening the book pages of Rescued by the Firefighter by multi-published author, Catherine Lanigan. Catherine is sharing the inside scoop on her sweet, contemporary, heartwarming romance where between the pages you’ll find firefighters and summer camp. Rescued by the Firefighter just released on November 1, 2018 by Harlequin Heartwarming.

The inspiration for Catherine’s story has a family connection. “My niece’s husband is a firefighter,” she said. “Summer camps and helping “special needs” kids is important to me.”

“The original title was Too Close to the Fire,” Catherine said. “But was changed to Rescued by the Firefighter.”

The concept of the story is about the heroine struggling to build her dream when a forest fire ignites across the road from her camp. She’s rescued by the one man who can close down her camp forever.

Rescued by the Firefighter takes place North of Indian Lake, Northwestern Indiana. The small town is quaint with a clock tower on the county court house. A huge lake with trees surrounds the town, and the camp is in the woods north of town. The town is Idyllic,” Catherine added. “Peaceful, tranquil, and no traffic. People are friendly and help each other. No matter what!”

In Rescued by the Firefighter you’ll meet Beatrice Wilcox, heroine, camp owner. Big hearted, generous, determined and passionate about helping her camp kids have the summer of their lives.

The hero, Rand Nelson, is struggling with guilt over losing one of his trainee smokejumpers a few years ago. He is dedicated to saving lives and the nation’s natural resources for future generations.

“Rand is trying to rid himself of guilt,” Catherine said. “He falls in love with Beatrice’s courage and bravery, her big-heart toward the kids. Through him he comes to bond and love two foster boys.”

You’ll also meet Eli (six) and brother, Chris (ten). Victims of today’s increasing drug addicted parents who abandon their kids for their next fix.

Catherine said the three key elements in Rescued by the Firefighter are: hope, to be up-lifted by the love and friendship between the hero and heroine, and to understand there are abandoned children who need understanding and love. “To abandon fears that hold us all back from making the right choices in our lives.” 

Rescued by the Firefighter is book ten in the Shores of Indian Lake series.

You can find more about Catherine and her books here:

Let’s get a closer look at Rescued by the Firefighter.

He saved her life… 

But will he destroy her dreams? 

Firefighter Rand Nelson is tall and handsome and has literally walked through an inferno for Beatrice Wilcox. He’s a hero…and that’s exactly the problem. Beatrice knows all too well the risks of loving a man with a dangerous career. But when Rand’s report threatens her beloved children’s camp, Beatrice can’t refuse his offer of help…even though she knows they’re both playing with fire.

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