Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Between The Pages - The Rancher’s Rescue

The Rancher’s Rescue
Cari Lynn Webb
September 2018

He isn’t home to stay 

Until a mother-to-be changes his mind 

Ethan Blackwell is back in Falcon Creek to save his family ranch after his grandfather disappears. When Grace Gardner reveals she’s pregnant with his child, she becomes Ethan’s top priority. But can he be the man he wants to be—preserving the Blackwell legacy and making a life with Grace—in a place he never planned to settle down? 

Between The Pages 
A sweet, heartwarming story fills the pages of this book. Ethan and Grace are perfectly matched and their history and reconnection makes this story truly enjoyable. Together they make each other stronger. The main characters are the highlight, but the secondary cast of characters are equally strong. Returning to the Blackwell Ranch and catching up with Jon and his girls was fun. Then there’s Katie, the Blackwell Ranch’s foreman who never stops to take a breath. Grace’s sister was also interesting. Judge Myrna makes you smile with her reference to the Blackwell brothers as Day One and Day Two. My favourite character was Pops. You’ll want to sit on the porch, play some chess, and listen to his stories. A bonus surprise takes place near the end where Big E finally makes an appearance and though the scene is short, his presence jumps out on the pages. The story line is well written, and the flow is seamless from the first book to the second. Though this is the second book in the Return of the Blackwell Brothers series, each book stands alone on their own, but I recommend reading them in order just to get acquainted with the cast and the town of Falcon Creek. Looking forward to book three, The Rancher’s Redemption.

4.5 Stars

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