Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Between The Pages - If Ever In Love

If Ever In Love Ann Trader 
January 2023 

Camden, South Carolina 1783 

Colonial Captain Harry Fleming wears his passions like badges of honor, a man considered by most as smart, decisive…even impulsive. With the Patriot victory and his fighting days behind him, his homecoming sours when he discovers his homestead in shambles and childhood sweetheart married to his cousin. 

Most comfortable in breeches and with her trusty hound by her side, Olivia Parr is a half-white/half-native healer…a resourceful woman and no man’s puppet. Yet when her path collides with the dashing captain, his charm makes her dream of a life and home like none she has ever known.

Loathe to become a hermit, Harry proposes a marriage to Olivia based on devotion. Will she wager her heart to a man hardened to love? As unresolved feelings linger and enemies plot against them for greed and gain, will they risk all and unveil the truth of what lovers must do…if ever in love? 

Between The Pages 
This historical story captures the attention in the first chapter. The storyline is exceptional with the author scripting a well-developed plot from beginning to end. At over three-hundred pages, this book is long, but the read is smooth and has no dragging scenes. Olivia and Harry are great lead characters, but there is also a huge cast with so many likable characters and a few villains. The author gives each character a uniqueness, so you don’t get confused by who-is-who in the large cast. The settings are well described to place the reader in the story. If you like to get lost in historical romances, I highly recommend picking up a copy of this book. I look forward to the second book in The Carolina Patriots 1783 Series. 

5 Stars

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