Wednesday, December 24, 2014

One Enchanted Evening

One Enchanted Evening 
By L.A. Kelley
September 2014

Enchanted clothing has a mind of its own. Restlessness plagued Charlotte Becker. While searching for an elusive something to calm her turbulent spirit, she accepts a sudden invitation to Lobster Cove, Maine. Luke Maddox’s hunting days are over. Wounded in action, he returns to Lobster Cove, the only place to ever bring him peace. Hiding his disability, he accepts life will be nothing more than dull routine until he meets a young woman wearing an unusual cloak. She tells an incredible story of a murderous wolf that walks on two legs. And the hunt begins…

Between The Pages 
An interesting twist on the fairy tale, Red Riding Hood. This fantasy/mystery is a seamless, quick read with a good blend of humor and a dash of romance. The main characters have depth and play their assigned roles as the Protectress and the Hunter magically well. I recommend this title from the “Lobster Cove” series and I’m looking forward to reading more by this author.

4 Stars

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