Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mystic Hearts

Mystic Hearts
By Cait Jarrod
December 2014

Nothing is as it seems… 

Temptation landed at Special Agent Larry Newman’s feet—literally. Charlene Smith captured his heart after he rescued her from terrorists two months ago. A failed relationship and abusive childhood have turned him into a loner and workaholic. The scars weigh heavily on him and keep him from pursuing her. So what’s a guy to do when the woman he pines for passes out in front of him while working a case? 

Battling psychological wounds from abduction is easier than coming face to face with the sexy FBI agent she’s fantasized about for months. As a single mother, she chooses to avoid the drama that dating would bring to her son’s life. So she only allows Larry close in her dreams. Now she's second-guessing her decision. Should she have a relationship with this man who makes her feel alive just by being close? 

Between The Pages 
A suspense packed romance with sizzling chemistry between the main characters, Larry and Charlene. Scenes with Charlene’s son, Henry, and Larry were filled with emotion. The additional point of view of Mathews interrupted the pace just a bit, but otherwise the story line was smooth and interesting. The non-stop action will hold your attention to the end. Before reading Mystic Hearts, I would recommend reading book one in this series, Kidnapped Hearts, to get familiarized with the cast of characters.

3.5 Stars

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