Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Katia's Promise

Katia’s Promise
By Catherine Lanigan
May 2015

The past is a risky place to visit. 

As a top insurance agent in Chicago, Katia Stanislaus isn't just used to pressure; she thrives on it. When she finds out her firm's future is at stake, she's the first to dream up a solution: relocate to Indian Lake and land the town's reclusive millionaire as a client. Austin McCreary might be the sweetheart she left brokenhearted when they were teens, but she can't let her feelings—or his—get in the way of her career. If she can just convince him to listen to her explanation, and her pitch, he'll see this is the deal of a lifetime. But that would involve talking, and he won't even take her calls! How ridiculous. Because this is strictly business…isn't it? 

Between The Pages 
A heartwarming sweet romance of second chances. The main characters are strong and the setting is picturesque. The author created a town that every reader will want to visit. Because this is the fourth book in the Shores of Indian Lake series, I felt a little left out. I wanted to know more about the lives of the secondary characters. However, the story stands on its own as Katia and Austin rekindle their love. An enjoyable read. I hope to visit Indian Lake again.

4 Stars

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