Monday, February 22, 2016

Hit 'N Run

Hit ‘N Run
Lori Power
August 2015

Lorna Tymchuk fights to overcome a past filled with neglect and abuse.

Determined to build a better life, Lorna has climbed the ladder to a successful public relations career one slippery rung at a time. But while on her way to an important meeting, a former lover crashes back into her life—literally—and she becomes embroiled in a police investigation that threatens everything she’s achieved. 

Mitch Morgan doesn’t believe in coincidences. 

Mitch has spent five years trying to forget Lorna, only to run into her on his way to an undercover sting operation. Old feelings quickly resurface and passion reignites, but as his investigation unfolds, evidence suggests the woman he’s falling for might have ties to the very criminals he’s after.

Between The Pages 
An enjoyable action, suspense, mystery, romance. The characters are interesting and the story-line is intriguing. The beginning of the story captures your attention. The middle drags a bit, but keeps you reading to the end, because the last portion of the book is filled with lots of action and emotion. This is the first book in the Under Suspicion series. Mitch and Lorna’s story continues in book two.

4 Stars

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