Monday, May 16, 2016

Fear of Falling

Fear of Falling 
Catherine Lanigan
March 2016

Her best bet is to stay away 

Was Olivia hearing this right? The one man in Indian Lake she'd found truly intriguing since, well, forever—the hopelessly handsome heir to the region's most successful farming operation, Rafe Barzonni—was involved in horse racing? That made him, and her sudden attraction, downright dangerous. He wasn't just out of her league. He was a gambler. Like her father. With the shame of her father's racetrack betting addiction still haunting her, Olivia can't be part of that world. Rafe's world. She can't trust him, or his magnetism. But there's something deep in his incredible blue eyes that keeps drawing her closer…

Between The Pages 
The perfect heartwarming romance. Ms. Lanigan ups the emotion in this story. Rafe and his horse, Rowan, open the pages of this book and capture your heart immediately. The plot draws you in and holds your attention. The main characters have you rooting for them, and the secondary cast of characters are enjoyable and fun to revisit as the series continues. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this smooth and well-written story, and I didn’t want to put it down. The story ends with the twist I had hoped for and brought a tear to my eye. This is the fifth book in the Shores of Indian Lake series, and my favourite! I’m looking forward to reading Sophie’s Path, which is already in my reading list.

5 Stars


Kate James said...

Congratulations on the five-star review, Catherine! It's well deserved for a terrific book.


Catherine Lanigan said...

Thank you so much, Kate! Coming from you, that's high, high praise!

GiniRifkin said...

Hi Catherine:
Congratulations on the great 5 star review. Indian Lake sounds like a wonderfully romantic place to visit via your books.