Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Alaina Claiborne

Alaina Claiborne 
MK McClintock
January 2014

How far would you go to avenge your family and save the one you love?

In nineteenth-century England, Alaina Claiborne had a loving family, a cherished friend, and idyllic life. Then tragedy strikes and her world is forever changed. Searching for those responsible is her only focus . . . until she meets Tristan. 

Tristan Sheffield, a man of many talents, seeks out those who don't want to be found. His past is filled with secrets and deeds he would rather leave deeply buried. However, when his life unexpectedly entwines with Alaina's, he soon discovers they share more than a mutual desire to catch a murderer. 

On their hunt for a man driven by greed, Tristan and Alaina find that love is the greatest weapon against evil, and they'll stop at nothing to survive. 

Between The Pages
An adventurous, romantic mystery set in the historical era of Victorian England. The opening of this story captures the attention immediately. The main characters, Alaina and Tristan, have unspoken chemistry. The supporting cast is a combination of good and bad, and the author does a good job at keeping the reader guessing as to who fits in those categories. While the story is told in multiple point-of-views which is a bit distracting, the mystery and action will have you turning the pages of this adventurous read. This is the first book in The British Agent Mystery Series, and I look forward to reading Charles’ story in Blackwood Crossing.

4 Stars

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GiniRifkin said...

Victorian England and a good mystery romance, just my cup of tea. sounds great.