Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hometown Heartache

Hometown Heartache 
M.J. Schiller
January 2016

     Nash is trying to make a name for himself in the art world… But when he meets a realtor to buy a gallery, he is stunned to find Chloe sitting at the table with the man. He has never stopped thinking about her since she disappeared from his life without a trace. Is it too late to win back her love?
     Chloe has finally found a way to leave her past behind her… But her heart leaps out of her chest when she sees Nash. How can he be here? Now…after all this time? On the surface, she pulls herself back together. But underneath she feels she is about to shatter. After remaking herself, how can she deal with being faced with Nash and the life she knew before? 
     If this chance meeting doesn’t rip Chloe and Nash apart, he will. 
     Little do they know, someone has been lurking in the shadows, manipulating them all along. If he has his way, the two will never be reunited. Even if he has to take one of them out to ensure it. 

Between The Pages 
A story packed with family drama and emotion. The development of the plot was well done with friendship, love, forgiveness, and healing. The story flips from present to past, which are distracting at first, but soon has you following the characters through their connection made in the past and the struggle to reconnect. Focusing on dramatic events throughout the heroine’s past, and her healing journey, this story will have you rooting for Chloe and Nash from page one.

3.5 Stars

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