Thursday, March 2, 2017


Gini Rifkin
December 2016

Fae Warrior, Bliss Goodeve, fires up her empath skills to battle the Reptiles invading Earth. But when it comes to her new human partner, Nathaniel Calhoun, Bliss would rather make love than wage war. A man of mystery, she wonders what he's hiding behind the horn-rimmed glasses and white lab coat. 

Nate admits to being a brainiac, at least that’s the persona he shows the outside world. If his boss discovers his troubled past, life could get complicated. The bad boy in Nate wants the beguiling Bliss in the worst way. Yet, the scientist inside him calculates high odds of being left broken-hearted. 

After one Reptile goes rogue, it’s up to Bliss, Nate, and an alien critter named Noodge to bring him down. But time is running out, and things are heating up—especially romantically. Bliss is all for living in the moment. But will that be enough for Nate? 

Between The Pages 
Filled with action, drama, Fae warriors, and evil reps, this story captivates the attention. Nate is the perfect addition to the group with his multiple jobs as the nerdy scientist, the irresistible cowboy, the rep fighter, and the handsome hero. Bliss’ devoted alien ‘dog’ Noodge is an adorable and fun scene stealer. There’s an intriguing twist involving Bliss’ sister Portence, which hints at a piece of her past, and makes the reader anxious for her story.

4 Stars

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GiniRifkin said...

Darlene: Thank you for reading and reviewing Bliss. So glad you enjoyed her adventure. Portence has a good time too in the finale!