Friday, October 26, 2018

Between The Pages - Ruth: The Rescued Bride

Ruth: The Rescued Bride
Hebby Roman
April 2018

Ruth MacDonald has lost all her family and been a Comanche captive for two years. Her rescue by the U.S. cavalry comes when she’s giving birth, and her joy at being set free is ruined by losing her son. Faced with the loss of all her loved ones, she turns to the only person who understands her plight, U.S. cavalry scout, Jacob Wells. 

Jacob has led a difficult life, born of a Comanche mother and a cavalry soldier. He serves as a cavalry scout with bravery and integrity, wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps. But when a commission in the Army is within his grasp, he learns there is something more important than ambition—his growing love for Ruth. 

Discouraged and grieving, Ruth turns Jacob away to start a new life in the East. She has an important lesson to learn before she can love again—the lesson of forgiveness. Can Ruth forgive all the pain and sorrow she’s suffered and open her heart to Jacob and his forever-after kind of love? 

Between The Pages 
This story is filled with lots of little twists to hold your attention from the first page to the end. The emotional story line is a hit with a smooth pace of dialogue, and has just enough details to move you through the story without losing the reader’s attention. The complete cast of characters are interesting, but the author draws you into the Texas Frontier with a sweet tale of two lost souls. The added bit of action, drama, secrets, and forgiveness will have you flipping through the pages. I would have read this delightful book in one sitting, but it got late in the evening. After stopping before a big secret was reveal, I picked the book up the next morning to finish the last couple of chapters. Ruth: The Rescued Bride is the first book in the West Texas Frontier Trilogy. I look forward to reading book two.
4.5 Stars

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Hebby Roman said...

Thank you so much for the awesome review. It makes my heart glad to see that readers and reviewers enjoy my books. I appreciate all the wonderful reviewers at Still Moments. Y'all work so hard and for the love of authors and books. You're to be commended!

Hebby Roman