Friday, November 12, 2021

Between The Pages - The Red Quilt

The Red Quilt 
J.S. Marlo 
November 2021 

A last-minute Christmas trip goes horribly wrong for Eli and his five-year-old granddaughter, Ruby. On their way to a Bed and Breakfast on Prince Edward Island after a kitchen fire forced them out of their house, they get caught in a blizzard and end up in the ditch. 

Retired Military Nurse, Lana, lives on a potato farm with the ghosts of her husband and son. She welcomes into her home the marooned Eli and the young child he raises alone. The storm outside rages on and problems arise as Eli faces the demons and mistakes of his past, Lana becomes entangled in her neighbors’ illegal activities, and Ruby wishes for something Santa cannot give her. 

The resulting mix offers hope for a second chance even as it threatens their lives. Can Eli and Lana survive another storm to enjoy the love growing between them? And will Ruby’s wish be granted? 

Between The Pages 
Love the cover of this book! It draws you into the story immediately, which has a tender and interesting plot. I was also drawn to this book from its setting in Prince Edward Island and Halifax. The author did a fabulous job developing the cast. Lana and Eli are older leading characters, but their attraction is still real and emotional. Ruby is beyond sweet, as is Chewy. The visual is done well, placing you into the snowy winter setting. The plot is superb with several twists, adding a mystery spin with drug smuggling, Lana’s son’s demise, and Eli’s ex-wife. And just when you think all the presents are neatly wrapped up, the author throws in a surprise at the end. A great holiday read. This book is the first in Fifteen Shades, and I look forward to reading more. 

4.5 Stars

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