Tuesday, April 12, 2016

An Angel's Redemption

An Angel’s Redemption 
Annalisa Russo
July 2013

Michael Vincente Cavelli would have been happy as a farmer. Instead, he has a lot on his plate. For starters, he's the only rational Cavelli male, the one who inherited the mantle of patriarch at a young age, not only running the family's successful dairy but overseeing the lives of his large and unruly family. If that isn't enough, someone is out to cripple his business. So when a redheaded siren appears at his door the morning of his sister's wedding, he wonders about the deity's sense of humor. As one of the few female doctors in Chicago in 1925, Faith Truitt has something to prove, and she can't afford to make a mistake that would destroy her career, like getting married. Everything was looking jake until Michael Cavelli opens his door that fateful morning and pulls her into the crosshairs of lies and treachery reaching back a generation -- and into the whirlwind of a desire she cannot deny. 

Between The Pages
This smooth paced historical romance set in the 1920’s, has a large cast of characters. The story is told mainly in Michael’s and Faith’s point of view, but does have some scenes in secondary characters’ POV. This creates an early snag in the read, but only until you grow familiar with the cast. A well-written story filled with family connections and loyalty. The opening scene draws you in, and the suspenseful plot is enjoyable with added twists and turns all the way to the end. This book has several characters that would make great stories of their own. 

4.5 Stars

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