Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Post War Dreams

Post War Dreams 
Brenda Whiteside
September 2015

World War II has ended and the soldiers are coming home. After years of following her crop worker father, motherless Claire Flanagan is also coming home. If she can keep her father in one place long enough, she plans to follow her dreams to Hollywood. Until she meets Benjamin. Benjamin Russell has been working since he was fifteen to support his mother and siblings. What he most wants in life is to own a construction business and take care of the family his father abandoned. The last thing he expects is to fall for his younger sister’s best friend. Life, however, throws cruel twists and turns into the path of romance. And when an unrequited love seeks revenge against Claire, and Benjamin learns his ex-girlfriend is pregnant, will lost dreams of a future together be the only thing they have left? 

Between The Pages 
The author’s descriptive voice places the reader into the historical setting. Because most of the stories I read are told in third person, having Claire’s POV in first person took some getting used to in the beginning. The story is filled with intense emotion, captivating scenes, and unexpected twists. An enjoyable read. 

4 Stars

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