Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Forgotten Daughter

The Forgotten Daughter 
Lauri Robinson
October 2015

Often the quietest people… 

 Josie Nightingale has always been the odd girl out. While her sisters swoon over guys, she's busy trying to change the world! Which isn't easy with Eric "Scooter" Wilson watching her every move. 

…have the biggest secrets! 

She may be out of his league, but the day Scooter rescued Josie from jail and discovered her secret, he vowed he'd do anything to protect her. And if keeping Josie safe means not letting this stubborn dame out of his sight—then so be it

Between The Pages
This is the fourth and final book in the Daughters of the Roaring Twenties. While each story is enjoyable, Josie and Scooter’s fun banter and chemistry made this story my favourite. The pacing is smooth and the suspense is compelling. All unanswered questions are neatly tied-up in this story. I’ll miss reading about the Nightingale family. I hope the author has something else in store that returns her readers to the Roaring Twenties, family connections, whiskey runners, and gangsters. This series can be read separately, but I recommend reading them in order to get know all of the colourful characters.

4.5 Stars

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