Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Dragon Knight's Medallion

Dragon Knight’s Medallion 
Mary Morgan
November 2014

To right a wrong, two souls are brought together only to shatter when they are torn apart by the deeds of an evil druid. Dragon Knight, Stephen MacKay’s powers are altered after the death of his sister. Now he is plagued with visions that threaten to destroy his soul. When Aileen Kerrigan falls through a time tunnel, he vows to keep her safe, despite the fact the beautiful but head-strong half-blooded fae could be the death of him. When Aileen finds out her dad is a Fenian Warrior, she flees to a nearby ruin. Armed with the medallion her mother gave her, and a matching one belonging to a long dead knight, she is flung into the past and finds a handsome but surly warrior who is on a quest. Now it seems her future could be entwined with his, if she doesn’t kill him first. 

Between The Pages 
A fascinating story of warriors, fae, druids, and dragon knights. The author creates a picturesque fantasy setting of magic and adventure. Emotional family bonds and the interesting plot line will have you turning the pages of this story. Being the second book of the Order of the Dragon Knights series, the introduction of new characters was exciting, as well as revisiting characters from the first book. As the cast of characters grow, so does an enticement to continue into the lives of the MacKay brothers.

4.5 Stars

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Mary Morgan said...

Thank you so much for your review of my book, Dragon Knight's Medallion! I'm thrilled you enjoyed Stephen and Aileen's story.