Friday, June 14, 2019

Between The Pages - The Billionaire’s Convenient Bride

The Billionaire’s Convenient Bride
Liz Fielding
April 2019

The tycoon returns… …

with a convenient proposal! 

Since Kam Faulkner’s mother unjustly lost her job at Priddy Castle after his stolen moment with the owner’s granddaughter, Agnés Prideaux, Kam has dreamed of revenge. Years later, billionaire Kam is back to buy the castle—but finds Agnés has inherited the crumbling estate! A convenient marriage could solve both their problems, but their rekindling attraction is anything but convenient… Could this be Kam’s second chance with his first love? 

Between The Pages 
A sweet story of revenge turning to a second chance. Agnes and Kam are great leading characters, having a strong childhood friendship that turns to more before they are torn apart. Kam is now very wealthy and Agnes owns a castle filled with debt. The author does a wonderful job placing you in the setting of the castle and its grounds. Learning of the castle’s history and its heritage of characters was very interesting. So many twists make this story an attention grabber from the bitter connection between Agnes’ grandfather and Kam’s mother as well as the inheritance clause of the castle. Reading the snippets of Agnes Prideaux’s journal at the beginning of the chapters was a favourite and a fun addition to the story. A strong and determined heroine, a billionaire hero, a solid plot, an emotional ride, and a couple of dogs had me immersed in the pages of this story.

4.5 Stars

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